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Photo of Hicks, Jr., Loy Loy Hicks, Jr.   12/12/2014
Photo of Bortner, Sr., Michael Michael Bortner, Sr.   12/11/2014
Photo of Myers, Wayne Wayne Myers   12/09/2014
Photo of Shuey, Bobette Bobette Shuey   12/08/2014
(No Photo Available) Glenn Knaub   12/06/2014
Photo of Shughart, Jay Jay Shughart   12/03/2014
Photo of Fraker, James James Fraker   12/01/2014
Photo of Grimes, Constance Constance Grimes   11/27/2014
Photo of Winn, Gloria Gloria Winn   11/26/2014
(No Photo Available) Kenneth Eaves   11/25/2014
Photo of Cook, Ruth Ruth Cook   11/24/2014
Photo of Adams, James James Adams   11/22/2014
(No Photo Available) Mark Leckrone   11/22/2014
Photo of Potteiger, Ruth Ruth Potteiger   11/20/2014
Photo of Baumgardner, Sr., Robert Robert Baumgardner, Sr.   11/17/2014
Photo of Payo, Wilma Eileen Wilma Eileen Payo   11/14/2014
Photo of Maro, Timothy Timothy Maro   11/14/2014
(No Photo Available) Janet Cashman   11/13/2014
Photo of Myers, Lois Lois Myers   11/12/2014
Photo of Hoover, The Reverend Dr. Kenneth The Reverend Dr. Kenneth Hoover   11/03/2014
Photo of Arnold, Jr., George George Arnold, Jr.   11/02/2014
Photo of Stutting, Florence Florence Stutting   10/30/2014
Photo of Trower, William William Trower   10/30/2014
Photo of Greenaway, Stephen Stephen Greenaway   10/27/2014
Photo of Markel, Maynard Maynard Markel   10/23/2014
Photo of Holstine, Mary Mary Holstine   10/23/2014
Photo of Trostle, Constance Constance Trostle   10/22/2014
Photo of Himes, Joyce Joyce Himes   10/22/2014
Photo of Shambaugh, James James Shambaugh   10/20/2014
Photo of Smith, Reverend Elbert Reverend Elbert Smith   10/19/2014
Photo of Schmitt, David David "Rick" Schmitt   10/19/2014
(No Photo Available) James Kelley   10/18/2014
Photo of Weigle, Dale Dale Weigle   10/17/2014
Photo of Haar, Faye Faye Haar   10/16/2014
Photo of Gerber, Betsi Maclay Betsi Maclay Gerber   10/14/2014
Photo of Wolf, Dorothy Dorothy Wolf   10/13/2014
Photo of Parrish, Martha Martha Parrish   10/05/2014
Photo of Myers, Sr., Robert Robert Myers, Sr.   10/03/2014
Photo of Frederick, Patricia Patricia Frederick   09/26/2014
(No Photo Available) Kenneth Dideriksen   09/19/2014
Photo of Bentz, Maryellen Maryellen Bentz   09/19/2014
Photo of Lavell, G. Hazel G. Hazel Lavell   09/15/2014
Photo of Leer, Shirley Shirley Leer   09/13/2014
Photo of Tauser, Sr., Samuel Samuel Tauser, Sr.   09/09/2014
Photo of Heiges, Lloyd Lloyd Heiges   09/09/2014
Photo of Watts, George George Watts   09/08/2014
Photo of Zeigler, Christopher Christopher Zeigler   09/08/2014
Photo of Schaffer, Jay Jay Schaffer   09/06/2014
Photo of Dorsey, Evelyn Evelyn Dorsey   09/05/2014
Photo of Mann, Robert Robert "Captain Bob" Mann   09/04/2014
Photo of Gordon, Willis Willis Gordon   09/02/2014
Photo of Shearer, Marguerite Marguerite Shearer   08/29/2014
Photo of McClain, Marjorie Marjorie McClain   08/25/2014
Photo of Reed, Margaret Margaret Reed   08/24/2014
Photo of Altland, Larry Larry Altland   08/24/2014
Photo of Breen, Robert  Robert "Bob" Breen   08/23/2014
Photo of Angell, Sharon Sharon "Shari" Angell   08/20/2014
Photo of Tenaglia, Jr., Gabriel Gabriel Tenaglia, Jr.   08/17/2014
Photo of Clouser, James James Clouser   08/15/2014
Photo of Wagner, John John "Jack" Wagner   08/15/2014
Photo of Harbold, Wayne Wayne Harbold   08/13/2014
Photo of Smith, Mabel Mabel Smith   08/13/2014
Photo of Gasswint, Donald Donald Gasswint   08/12/2014
Photo of Firestone, Lloyd Lloyd Firestone   08/07/2014
Photo of Colbert, Norma Jean Norma Jean Colbert   08/07/2014
Photo of Arnold, Sr., George George Arnold, Sr.   08/02/2014
Photo of Bushey, Arthur Arthur Bushey   07/31/2014
Photo of Elicker, Ruth Ruth Elicker   07/28/2014
Photo of Smith, Linda Linda Smith   07/22/2014
Photo of Kahlenborn, Ludolf Ludolf Kahlenborn   07/21/2014
Photo of Heer, Naomi Naomi Heer   07/21/2014
Photo of Moose, Mary Mary Moose   07/18/2014
Photo of Shope, Lois Lois Shope   07/18/2014
Photo of Strouse, James James Strouse   07/15/2014
Photo of Baumbach, Robert Robert Baumbach   07/13/2014
Photo of Rettgers, Robert Robert Rettgers   07/09/2014
Photo of Cressler, Virginia Virginia Cressler   07/08/2014
Photo of Gore, William William Gore   07/05/2014
Photo of Elicker, Charles Charles Elicker   07/04/2014
Photo of Mann, Nancy Nancy Mann   06/29/2014
Photo of Smith, Reverend James Ronald Reverend James Ronald Smith   06/24/2014
Photo of Hephner, Patrick Patrick Hephner   06/20/2014
Photo of Paup, William William Paup   06/16/2014
Photo of Eichelberger, Jr., Larry Larry Eichelberger, Jr.   06/13/2014
Photo of Rapp, Frank Frank Rapp   06/12/2014
Photo of Sherwood, Carlton Carlton Sherwood   06/11/2014
Photo of Hess, Milford Milford Hess   06/08/2014
Photo of Staub, Kathryn Kathryn Staub   06/06/2014
Photo of Martin, John John "Jack" Martin   06/05/2014
Photo of Espenshade, Robert Robert Espenshade   05/19/2014
Photo of Smith, Sandra Sandra Smith   05/16/2014
Photo of Cramer, Martha Martha Cramer   05/13/2014
Photo of Lutz, Hannah Hannah Lutz   05/11/2014
Photo of Reever, Melissa Melissa Reever   05/09/2014
Photo of Arva, Henry Henry Arva   05/09/2014
Photo of Harmon, Wayne Wayne Harmon   05/08/2014
Photo of Inskip, Martha Martha Inskip   05/05/2014
Photo of Plank, Margaret Margaret Plank   05/04/2014
Photo of Myers, Ida Ida Myers   05/01/2014
(No Photo Available) Grace Pinter   05/01/2014
Photo of Baker, Judy Judy Baker   04/30/2014
(No Photo Available) Mildred Gerber   04/30/2014
(No Photo Available) Beatrice Kirk   04/29/2014
Photo of Anderson, Arlene Arlene Anderson   04/28/2014
Photo of Eichelberger, Lloyd Lloyd Eichelberger   04/25/2014
(No Photo Available) James Roeting   04/20/2014
Photo of Price, Nellie Nellie Price   04/16/2014
(No Photo Available) Gloria Estes   04/15/2014
(No Photo Available) Raymond Muriceak   04/13/2014
Photo of Keefer, Pearl Pearl Keefer   04/12/2014
Photo of Griffin, Phyllis Phyllis Griffin   04/11/2014
Photo of Fowler, Sondra Sondra Fowler   04/09/2014
Photo of Eichelberger, Evelyn Evelyn Eichelberger   04/07/2014
Photo of Minnich, Bradley Bradley Minnich   04/06/2014
Photo of Smith, Clarence Clarence Smith   03/30/2014
Photo of Erb, Margaret Margaret Erb   03/28/2014
Photo of Cotton, Janet Janet Cotton   03/24/2014
Photo of Lucas, Paul Paul Lucas   03/24/2014
(No Photo Available) The Reverend Laverne Stough   03/18/2014
Photo of Pierce, Sr., George George Pierce, Sr.   03/14/2014
Photo of McCartney, Pearl Pearl McCartney   03/12/2014
Photo of Mihalov, Jr., John John Mihalov, Jr.   03/07/2014
Photo of Dimeler, Abram Abram Dimeler   03/06/2014
Photo of Catania, Jean Jean Catania   03/03/2014
Photo of Clawser, James James "Jimmy" Clawser   03/01/2014
Photo of Reynolds, Betsy Betsy Reynolds   02/28/2014
Photo of Shatzer, Robert Robert Shatzer   02/27/2014
Photo of Baker, Thomas Thomas Baker   02/27/2014
Photo of Burket, Edward Edward Burket   02/26/2014
Photo of Adkins, Mary Mary Adkins   02/26/2014
Photo of Harbold, Richard Richard Harbold   02/21/2014
Photo of Freeland, Virginia Virginia Freeland   02/19/2014
Photo of Altland, Violet Violet Altland   02/18/2014
Photo of Jarman, Sr., Alonzo Alonzo Jarman, Sr.   02/16/2014
Photo of Barnes, Lylis Lylis Barnes   02/16/2014
Photo of Ice, Mervin Mervin Ice   02/13/2014
Photo of Brownawell, Vivian Vivian Brownawell   02/11/2014
Photo of Shoemaker, Donald Donald Shoemaker   02/11/2014
Photo of Cocklin, Ruth Ruth Cocklin   02/07/2014
Photo of Cole, Edward Edward Cole   02/06/2014
Photo of Reed, Dale Dale Reed   02/06/2014
Photo of Randolph, Jeraldine Jeraldine Randolph   02/04/2014
Photo of Davis, E. Vernon E. Vernon Davis   02/04/2014
Photo of Moore, E. Mark E. Mark Moore   02/03/2014
Photo of Urey, Barbara Barbara Urey   01/29/2014
Photo of Knaub, Linda Linda Knaub   01/21/2014
Photo of Firestone, Roy Roy Firestone   01/21/2014
Photo of Beam, Ermajean Ermajean "Cookie" Beam   01/17/2014
Photo of Shumaker, Neil Neil Shumaker   01/14/2014
Photo of Bryerton, Michael Michael Bryerton   01/13/2014
Photo of Staub, Mary Mary Staub   01/11/2014
Photo of Gochenaur, Harold Harold Gochenaur   01/11/2014
Photo of Sipe, Joyce Joyce Sipe   01/10/2014
Photo of Stine, Nettie Nettie Stine   01/08/2014
Photo of Kellison, Grace Grace Kellison   01/04/2014
Photo of Summers, R. Renee R. Renee Summers   01/04/2014
Photo of Knisley, Robert Robert Knisley   01/04/2014
Photo of Hostetter, Jane Jane Hostetter   01/02/2014
Photo of Rockwell, James James Rockwell   12/30/2013
Photo of Sheridan, II, J. Clayton J. Clayton Sheridan, II   12/28/2013
Photo of Engle, Alma Alma Engle   12/26/2013
Photo of Baughman, Howard Howard Baughman   12/23/2013
Photo of Hertzler, James James Hertzler   12/22/2013
Photo of Engle, MD, Dr. Harold Dr. Harold Engle, MD   12/20/2013
Photo of Anfinsen, Margaret Margaret Anfinsen   12/20/2013
Photo of Yost, Mildred Mildred Yost   12/19/2013
Photo of Brubaker, Lucy Lucy Brubaker   12/18/2013
Photo of Dennerlein, William William Dennerlein   12/18/2013
Photo of Hoffman, Annabelle Annabelle Hoffman   12/14/2013
Photo of DeHaas, Sr., James James DeHaas, Sr.   12/13/2013
Photo of Crouse, Samuel Samuel Crouse   12/13/2013
Photo of Riley, Kenneth Kenneth Riley   12/13/2013
Photo of Rupp, John John Rupp   12/12/2013
Photo of Danner, Arlene Arlene Danner   12/12/2013
Photo of Ray, Jack Jack Ray   12/11/2013
Photo of Danner, Maureen Maureen Danner   12/08/2013
Photo of Flohr, Clyde Clyde Flohr   11/23/2013
Photo of Bream, Betty Betty Bream   11/23/2013
Photo of Markel, Maynard Maynard "Skip" Markel   11/22/2013
Photo of Stevenson, Douglas Douglas Stevenson   11/22/2013
Photo of Day, S. June S. June Day   11/22/2013
Photo of Altland, Michelle Michelle Altland   11/16/2013
Photo of Eshleman, Richard Richard Eshleman   11/16/2013
Photo of Baker, Ethel Ethel Baker   11/15/2013
Photo of Book, Leonard Leonard Book   11/15/2013
Photo of Webb, Charles Charles Webb   11/13/2013
Photo of Darr, LeRoy LeRoy Darr   11/12/2013
Photo of Myers, Chester Chester Myers   11/12/2013
Photo of Stong, Nancy Nancy Stong   11/09/2013
Photo of Kuykendall, Stanley Stanley Kuykendall   11/04/2013
Photo of Yentzer, Eva Eva Yentzer   11/01/2013
Photo of Garman, Anna Anna Garman   10/27/2013
Photo of Wiley, George George Wiley   10/21/2013
Photo of Heller, Esther Esther Heller   10/17/2013
Photo of Rosenberger, Arden Arden "Dutch" Rosenberger   10/17/2013
Photo of Lehman, Reverend Walter Reverend Walter Lehman   10/16/2013
Photo of Woodcraft, Meriam Meriam Woodcraft   10/15/2013
Photo of Fuglestad, Evelyn Evelyn Fuglestad   10/14/2013
Photo of Heiges, Sr., Joseph Joseph Heiges, Sr.   10/06/2013
Photo of Taylor, June June Taylor   10/05/2013
Photo of Weber, Carl Carl Weber   10/02/2013
Photo of (Brechbill) Martin, Anna Anna (Brechbill) Martin   09/26/2013
Photo of Stough, Brian Brian Stough   09/18/2013
Photo of Cashman, George George Cashman   09/14/2013
Photo of Trostle, Reverend Martin Reverend Martin "Marty" Trostle   09/06/2013
Photo of Fahnestock, Jr., George George Fahnestock, Jr.   09/05/2013
Photo of Risser, John John Risser   09/04/2013
Photo of Myers, Florence Florence Myers   08/26/2013
Photo of Sheppard, Raymond Raymond Sheppard   08/20/2013
Photo of Hensel, Ruth Ruth Hensel   08/15/2013
Photo of Fisher, Gwendolyn Gwendolyn Fisher   08/08/2013
Photo of Fleming, The Reverend Robert The Reverend Robert Fleming   08/07/2013
Photo of Schrum, Beatrice Beatrice Schrum   08/05/2013
Photo of Oberholser, Karl Karl Oberholser   07/25/2013
Photo of Thomson, Dr. Herbert Dr. Herbert Thomson   07/24/2013
Photo of Courtney, Nelly Nelly Courtney   07/22/2013
(No Photo Available) Shirley Lerew   07/18/2013
Photo of Reed, Jeffrey Jeffrey Reed   07/14/2013
Photo of O'Dell, David David O'Dell   07/13/2013
Photo of Lerew, Randy Randy Lerew   07/08/2013
Photo of Benn, Douglas Douglas Benn   07/07/2013
Photo of Friedline, Alice Alice Friedline   07/06/2013
(No Photo Available) Elisa Weigel   07/06/2013
Photo of Hoffman, John John Hoffman   07/06/2013
Photo of Wagner, Gloria Gloria Wagner   07/05/2013
Photo of Miller, G. Thomas G. Thomas Miller   07/03/2013
Photo of Trostle, Glenn Glenn Trostle   06/29/2013
Photo of Connors, Ethel Ethel Connors   06/29/2013
Photo of Grimm, Robert Robert Grimm   06/25/2013
Photo of Stine, Herman Herman Stine   06/25/2013
Photo of Martin, J. Robert J. Robert Martin   06/24/2013
Photo of Bernhard, Susanne Susanne Bernhard   06/22/2013
Photo of Stermer, Robert Robert Stermer   06/19/2013
Photo of Lees, L. Arthur L. Arthur Lees   06/18/2013
Photo of Brandt, Sarah Sarah Brandt   06/17/2013
Photo of Witmer, James James Witmer   06/17/2013
Photo of Eichelberger, Kathleen Kathleen Eichelberger   06/17/2013
Photo of Smith, Todd Todd Smith   06/16/2013
Photo of Whitmoyer, Michael Michael Whitmoyer   06/15/2013
Photo of Rumsey, Ralph Ralph Rumsey   06/15/2013
Photo of Hale, Stella Stella Hale   06/10/2013
Photo of Albert, Clyde Clyde Albert   06/10/2013
Photo of Drury, David David Drury   06/09/2013
Photo of Deardorff, Gloria Gloria Deardorff   06/09/2013
Photo of Hurne, William William Hurne   06/07/2013
Photo of Watts, Elizabeth Elizabeth Watts   06/04/2013
Photo of Karns, Richard Richard Karns   06/04/2013
Photo of Mulder, Sandra Sandra Mulder   06/01/2013
Photo of Dutcher-Hart, Dawn Dawn Dutcher-Hart   05/31/2013
Photo of Shultz, Ethel Ethel Shultz   05/30/2013
(No Photo Available) Shirley Cornman-Overcash   05/29/2013
Photo of Miller, Ruth Ruth Miller   05/27/2013
Photo of Cipriano, Pasculo Pasculo Cipriano   05/23/2013
Photo of Miller, Edith Edith Miller   05/22/2013
Photo of Feister, Donald Donald Feister   05/20/2013
Photo of Kelley, Helen Helen Kelley   05/18/2013
Photo of Merovich, Ann Ann Merovich   05/16/2013
Photo of Apicella, Diane Diane Apicella   05/13/2013
Photo of Stoll, Betty Betty Stoll   05/11/2013
Photo of Stufft, Phyllis Phyllis Stufft   05/11/2013
Photo of Pealer, Wayne Wayne Pealer   05/07/2013
Photo of Day, Marlin Marlin Day   05/06/2013
Photo of Anderson, William William Anderson   05/06/2013
Photo of Loose, Marguerite Marguerite Loose   05/04/2013
Photo of Duke, Carolyn Carolyn Duke   04/29/2013
Photo of Shaffer, Glenn Glenn Shaffer   04/24/2013
Photo of Adamek, Kathryn Kathryn Adamek   04/24/2013
Photo of Anderson, George George Anderson   04/24/2013
Photo of Schenk, Debra Debra Schenk   04/21/2013
Photo of Heise, Lois Maxine Lois Maxine Heise   04/20/2013
Photo of Buffington, Dorothy Dorothy Buffington   04/17/2013
Photo of Heshey, Roberta Roberta Heshey   04/11/2013
(No Photo Available) George Wolf   04/10/2013
(No Photo Available) Dale Lerew   04/10/2013
(No Photo Available) Kevin Swope   04/07/2013
Photo of Stoner, Doris Doris Stoner   04/06/2013
Photo of Metzger, John John Metzger   03/26/2013
Photo of Dice, Jr., Melvin Melvin Dice, Jr.   03/25/2013
Photo of Kynett, Virginia Virginia Kynett   03/25/2013
Photo of Danneberg, David David Danneberg   03/23/2013
(No Photo Available) Ricky Thomas   03/21/2013
Photo of Drury, Maryann Maryann Drury   03/17/2013
Photo of Altland, Jr., Larry Larry Altland, Jr.   03/15/2013
Photo of Barcelona, Michael Michael Barcelona   03/14/2013
Photo of Hensel, John John Hensel   03/13/2013
Photo of Ankney, Jackie Jackie Ankney   03/09/2013
Photo of Del Re, Ida Ida Del Re   03/06/2013
Photo of Grove, Darlene Darlene Grove   03/05/2013
(No Photo Available) Loretta Snyder   03/04/2013
Photo of Lerew, Elizabeth Elizabeth Lerew   03/02/2013
Photo of Light, Velma Velma Light   02/28/2013
Photo of Hammaker, Alvin Alvin Hammaker   02/28/2013
Photo of Harbold, Lucretta Lucretta Harbold   02/28/2013
Photo of Rider, Ernest Ernest Rider   02/27/2013
Photo of Rogers, James James Rogers   02/25/2013
Photo of Miller, David David Miller   02/25/2013
Photo of Santos, Jr., The Reverend Cass The Reverend Cass Santos, Jr.   02/25/2013
Photo of Sharp, Barbara Barbara Sharp   02/24/2013
Photo of Murray, M. Eugene M. Eugene Murray   02/23/2013
Photo of Jacobs, Brian Tim Jake Brian Tim Jake Jacobs   02/21/2013
Photo of Wittlinger, Fay Fay Wittlinger   02/16/2013
Photo of Grove, Ricky Ricky Grove   02/15/2013
Photo of Smith, Millard Millard Smith   02/14/2013
Photo of Teunon, Esther Esther Teunon   02/14/2013
Photo of Sheaffer, Rosalie Rosalie Sheaffer   02/10/2013
(No Photo Available) Mary Kreitzer   02/07/2013
Photo of Fager, Willis Willis Fager   02/05/2013
Photo of Heffner Nailor, Mary Mary Heffner Nailor   02/04/2013
Photo of Shoaff, Laura Laura Shoaff   01/28/2013
Photo of King, June June King   01/26/2013
Photo of Lory, Kendra Kendra Lory   01/25/2013
Photo of Lefchak, Amy Amy Lefchak   01/23/2013
Photo of Smith, George George Smith   01/23/2013
(No Photo Available) Carleton Lobb   01/22/2013
Photo of Smith, Robert Robert Smith   01/22/2013
Photo of Albert, John John Albert   01/22/2013
Photo of Cromer, Eva Eva Cromer   01/16/2013
Photo of Yohe, Laverne Laverne Yohe   01/16/2013
Photo of Schreffler, Larry Larry Schreffler   01/13/2013
Photo of Reynolds, Larry Larry Reynolds   01/13/2013
Photo of Cline, Sr., DeWitt DeWitt Cline, Sr.   01/12/2013
Photo of Petersen, Andrew Andrew Petersen   01/07/2013
Photo of Watson, Sandra Sandra Watson   01/06/2013
Photo of Shoemaker, Layton Layton Shoemaker   01/01/2013
Photo of Snelbaker, Elizabeth Elizabeth Snelbaker   12/31/2012
Photo of Rivera, Margaret Margaret Rivera   12/30/2012
Photo of Karns, John John Karns   12/20/2012
Photo of Kauffman, Melvin Melvin Kauffman   12/20/2012
Photo of Nelson, Robert Robert Nelson   12/20/2012
Photo of Snare, Richard Richard Snare   12/17/2012
Photo of Schlehr, Phyllis Phyllis Schlehr   12/05/2012
Photo of Wolgemuth Byers, Ruth Ruth Wolgemuth Byers   12/01/2012
(No Photo Available) Marion Albert   11/30/2012
Photo of Goodwin, Maryann Maryann Goodwin   11/29/2012
Photo of Watts, Clyde Clyde "Bob" Watts   11/21/2012
Photo of Vogelsong, Charles Charles Vogelsong   11/20/2012
Photo of Trump, Terry Terry Trump   11/13/2012
Photo of Grove, Betty Betty Grove   11/11/2012
Photo of Kosier, James James Kosier   11/08/2012
Photo of Brandt, Dwight Dwight Brandt   11/07/2012
Photo of Miller, Charles Charles Miller   11/07/2012
Photo of Slothower, Martha Martha Slothower   11/05/2012
Photo of Cocklin Lauver, Sara Sara Cocklin Lauver   11/03/2012
Photo of Walters, Jean Jean Walters   10/28/2012
(No Photo Available) Joy Mixell Myers   10/25/2012
Photo of Shetter, Darlene Darlene Shetter   10/17/2012
Photo of Smith, Arlene Arlene Smith   10/15/2012
Photo of Wallace, Ronald Ronald Wallace   10/10/2012
Photo of Hess, Jean Jean Hess   10/08/2012
Photo of Woll, Virginia Virginia Woll   10/07/2012
Photo of Diller, Arlene Arlene Diller   10/03/2012
Photo of Greenfield, Lester Lester Greenfield   09/29/2012
Photo of Shade, Sidney Sidney Shade   09/28/2012
Photo of Yohe, Christine Christine Yohe   09/27/2012
Photo of Lucas, Bernadette Bernadette Lucas   09/22/2012
Photo of Merovich, Annie Annie Merovich   09/20/2012
Photo of Flynn, Nevada Nevada Flynn   09/20/2012
Photo of Krimmel, Jean Jean Krimmel   09/05/2012
Photo of Wagner, Donna Donna Wagner   09/02/2012
Photo of Keiser, Mary Mary Keiser   08/27/2012
Photo of Hopple, Jack Jack Hopple   08/26/2012
Photo of Shoop, Sr., Frank Frank Shoop, Sr.   08/23/2012
Photo of Pearlman, Sean Sean Pearlman   08/21/2012
Photo of Packer, Sr., Richard Richard Packer, Sr.   08/17/2012
Photo of Wentling, Dennis Dennis Wentling   08/07/2012
Photo of Myrick, Nancy Nancy Myrick   08/05/2012
Photo of Smith, Nancy Nancy Smith   08/03/2012
Photo of Barndt, Irene Irene Barndt   08/03/2012
Photo of Cocklin, A. Grace A. Grace Cocklin   07/28/2012
Photo of Prusch, Martha Martha Prusch   07/27/2012
Photo of Vance, Homer Homer Vance   07/26/2012
Photo of Fisher, Clair Clair Fisher   07/25/2012
Photo of Kemper, Kevin Kevin Kemper   07/18/2012
Photo of Rudy, Gabriel Gabriel Rudy   07/17/2012
Photo of Thomas, Sr., Dale Dale Thomas, Sr.   07/16/2012
Photo of Brough, Dale Dale Brough   07/13/2012
Photo of Makar, John John Makar   07/13/2012
Photo of Jones, Elizabeth Elizabeth Jones   07/08/2012
Photo of Bachman, David David Bachman   07/07/2012
Photo of Murray, Jr., Charles Charles Murray, Jr.   07/05/2012
Photo of Chronister, Pauline Pauline Chronister   07/01/2012
Photo of Keller, Donald Donald Keller   06/30/2012
Photo of Leidigh, Sr., Ronald Ronald Leidigh, Sr.   06/26/2012
Photo of Byers, Wilfred Wilfred Byers   06/22/2012
Photo of Hollinger, Ray Ray Hollinger   06/18/2012
Photo of Hamsher, Colby Colby Hamsher   06/17/2012
Photo of Van Winkle, Lois Lois Van Winkle   06/16/2012
Photo of Zimmerman, Charles Charles Zimmerman   06/10/2012
Ryan Jordan   06/05/2012
Photo of Sealover, Mary Mary Sealover   06/03/2012
Photo of Payton, Nancy Nancy Payton   06/02/2012
Photo of Himes, Richard Richard Himes   06/02/2012
Photo of Whary, Frederica Frederica Whary   05/31/2012
Photo of Wagner, Clair Clair Wagner   05/31/2012
Photo of Long, Mary Mary Long   05/30/2012
Photo of Kinter, Lavere Lavere Kinter   05/19/2012
Robert Hammel   05/18/2012
Photo of Hershey, Janet Janet Hershey   05/17/2012
Photo of Peterman, Tammy Tammy Peterman   05/15/2012
Jeanne Trump   05/07/2012
Photo of Mackey, Marlin Marlin Mackey   05/05/2012
Photo of McDaniel, Paige Paige McDaniel   05/01/2012
Photo of Folsom, Mary Mary Folsom   04/29/2012
Photo of Madsen, Ruth Ruth Madsen   04/29/2012
Photo of McMaster, Nancy Nancy McMaster   04/20/2012
Photo of Ruelius, Virginia Virginia Ruelius   04/20/2012
Photo of Weigard, Mary Mary Weigard   04/20/2012
Photo of Weigard, Mary Mary Weigard   04/20/2012
Photo of Davis, Isabelle Isabelle Davis   04/19/2012
Photo of Miller, Urge Urge Miller   04/18/2012
Luanne Preece   04/16/2012
Photo of Hutton, Sharon Sharon Hutton   04/16/2012
Photo of Hair, Lloyd Lloyd Hair   04/09/2012
Photo of Miller, Eugene Eugene Miller   04/03/2012
Photo of Wagner, Carl Carl Wagner   03/31/2012
Photo of Hartman, Edward Edward Hartman   03/30/2012
Photo of Witmer, Jr., David David Witmer, Jr.   03/29/2012
Photo of Slyder, Ralph Ralph Slyder   03/29/2012
William Flower   03/26/2012
Photo of Ingle, Henry Henry Ingle   03/23/2012
Photo of Minsker, Jeanne Jeanne Minsker   03/18/2012
Photo of Allen, Robert Robert Allen   03/17/2012
Photo of Bradshaw, III, James James Bradshaw, III   03/13/2012
Sarah McGuire   03/13/2012
Photo of Vincent, Charles Charles Vincent   03/12/2012
Photo of Garvin, Ernest Ernest Garvin   03/04/2012
Hipolito Cruz   03/02/2012
Photo of Myers, Clara Clara Myers   03/02/2012
Photo of Heron, Donald Donald Heron   03/02/2012
Photo of Diller, Charles Charles Diller   03/02/2012
Photo of Naugle, Betty Betty Naugle   02/28/2012
Photo of Bice, Phyllis Phyllis Bice   02/21/2012
Photo of Grafton, Charles Charles Grafton   02/20/2012
Photo of Frey, Warren Warren Frey   02/11/2012
Photo of Grove, Phyllis Phyllis Grove   02/05/2012
Photo of Tyree, Donald Donald Tyree   02/04/2012
Photo of Frankenfield, Frank Frank Frankenfield   02/02/2012
Photo of Calvert, Joan Joan Calvert   02/02/2012
Photo of Lehman, Harold Harold Lehman   01/30/2012
Photo of Garvin, Helen Helen Garvin   01/29/2012
Morris Eck   01/25/2012
Photo of Seifert, Denise Denise Seifert   01/25/2012
Photo of Baittinger, Mildred Mildred Baittinger   01/25/2012
Photo of Myers, Jean Jean Myers   01/24/2012
Photo of Mock, Donald Donald Mock   01/24/2012
Photo of Knight, Joseph Joseph Knight   01/23/2012
Joseph Giardullo   01/17/2012
Photo of Weber, Norma Norma Weber   01/14/2012
Mark Hertweck   01/02/2012
David Leckrone   12/27/2011
Photo of Buffington, Cassandra Cassandra Buffington   12/26/2011
Photo of Cromer, Cleason Cleason Cromer   12/25/2011
Photo of Fitzpatrick, Catherine Catherine Fitzpatrick   12/23/2011
Photo of Sileo, Dana Dana Sileo   12/23/2011
Photo of Shoffner, Margaret Margaret Shoffner   12/22/2011
Photo of Stricker, Robert Robert Stricker   12/18/2011
Photo of Cassel, Norma Norma Cassel   12/17/2011
Photo of Lynes, Jr., Charles Charles Lynes, Jr.   12/17/2011
James Cocklin   12/15/2011
Photo of Gallo, Ethelene Ethelene Gallo   12/12/2011
Photo of Yoder, Grace Grace Yoder   12/07/2011
Photo of Kunkle, Mildred Mildred Kunkle   12/03/2011
Photo of Byers, Esther Esther Byers   11/29/2011
Dennis Straw   11/25/2011
Photo of Decker, Bonnie Bonnie Decker   11/23/2011
Photo of Crider, Neda Neda Crider   11/17/2011
Photo of Klinedinst Markel, Esther Esther Klinedinst Markel   11/17/2011
Photo of Miller, Edward Edward Miller   11/15/2011
Sarah Arnold   11/12/2011
Mary Ellen Gross   11/11/2011
Photo of Stewart, Carey Carey Stewart   11/09/2011
Samuel Black   11/08/2011
Photo of Lee, Patricia Patricia Lee   11/07/2011
Photo of Getty, Kathy Kathy Getty   11/06/2011
Photo of Hoke, Estella Estella Hoke   11/04/2011
Photo of Cromer, Eva Eva Cromer   10/31/2011
David Hood   10/31/2011
Photo of Wolf, Ronald Ronald Wolf   10/30/2011
Photo of Navagato, Frank Frank Navagato   10/25/2011
Photo of Butt, Christopher Christopher Butt   10/24/2011
Photo of Gerber, Doris Doris Gerber   10/21/2011
Photo of Stoner, Janet Janet Stoner   10/20/2011
Photo of Perrego, Donald Donald Perrego   10/17/2011
Photo of Holland, Rev. Dr. Frederic Rev. Dr. Frederic Holland   10/16/2011
Photo of Hockenberry, Charles Charles Hockenberry   10/16/2011
John Fernbaugh   10/15/2011
Photo of Albert, Dale Dale Albert   10/13/2011
Photo of Lehman, Dolores Dolores Lehman   10/13/2011
Photo of Kreitz, Jeffery Jeffery Kreitz   10/10/2011
John Chronister   10/03/2011
Ora Nelson   10/03/2011
Photo of Urey, Betty Betty Urey   09/28/2011
Photo of Helman, Justin Justin Helman   09/20/2011
Photo of Albert, Lester Lester Albert   09/19/2011
Photo of Mayeski, The Reverend Anthony The Reverend Anthony Mayeski   09/17/2011
Virginia Hammaker   09/13/2011
J. Donald Kunkle   09/13/2011
James Watson, Jr.   09/07/2011
Photo of Bongiorno, Janet Janet Bongiorno   09/03/2011
Photo of Smith, Mary Ellen Mary Ellen Smith   09/02/2011
Kathryn Lerew   08/21/2011
Photo of Coyle, James James Coyle   08/13/2011
Photo of Stough, Jr., Lynn Lynn Stough, Jr.   08/08/2011
Photo of Dent, Carole Carole Dent   08/07/2011
Photo of Myers, Valen Valen Myers   08/06/2011
Photo of Shelton, Shirley Shirley Shelton   07/28/2011
Photo of Hannon, IV, George George Hannon, IV   07/26/2011
Photo of Kerstetter, Ret. USAF, Lt. Col. Elbert Lt. Col. Elbert Kerstetter, Ret. USAF   07/26/2011
Photo of Bushey, Lottie Lottie Bushey   07/24/2011
Arlene Stough   07/23/2011
The Rev. Lewis Daughenbaugh   07/22/2011
Photo of Cocklin, Esther Esther Cocklin   07/21/2011
Photo of Trostle, Kathryn Kathryn Trostle   07/21/2011
Photo of Calley, Gregory Gregory Calley   07/10/2011
Photo of Kennedy, Mildred Mildred Kennedy   07/06/2011
Photo of Rebert, James James Rebert   07/06/2011
Photo of Watkins, Robert Robert Watkins   07/05/2011
Dr. Howard Landis   07/02/2011
Photo of Masternak, Joseph Joseph Masternak   06/30/2011
Photo of Evans, Dale Dale Evans   06/29/2011
Photo of Hinnerschietz, Kathryn Kathryn Hinnerschietz   06/27/2011
Photo of Hess, Harry Harry Hess   06/27/2011
Photo of Selders, Wayne Wayne Selders   06/25/2011
Photo of Rosenberger, Alan Alan Rosenberger   06/23/2011
Photo of Thuma, Ardys Ardys Thuma   06/19/2011
Gordon Chilcote   06/02/2011
Photo of Schwille, Cloyce Cloyce Schwille   05/31/2011
Photo of Krebs, Deborah Deborah Krebs   05/25/2011
Photo of Karns, Verna Verna Karns   05/17/2011
Photo of Darr, Reba Reba Darr   05/13/2011
Photo of Gooding, Ruth Ruth Gooding   05/13/2011
Shirley Wise   05/11/2011
Gladys Myers   05/09/2011
Barbara Lingenfelter   05/09/2011
Photo of Hill, David David Hill   05/07/2011
Photo of Lehman, Carolyn Carolyn Lehman   05/02/2011
Marlin Henry   04/27/2011
Photo of Townsend, Jean Jean Townsend   04/18/2011
Photo of Sowers, Janet Janet Sowers   04/17/2011
Photo of Dailey, Dora Dora Dailey   04/14/2011
Photo of Galaspie, Robert Robert Galaspie   04/11/2011
Dorothea Lewis   04/07/2011
Photo of Holbrook, Mary Jo Mary Jo Holbrook   03/31/2011
Photo of Rosa, Miriam Miriam Rosa   03/30/2011
Photo of Slagle, Hilda Hilda Slagle   03/30/2011
Photo of Moody, Lester Lester Moody   03/26/2011
Photo of Barry, Gladys Gladys Barry   03/25/2011
Photo of Grove, Helen Helen Grove   03/24/2011
Photo of Honeywell, Eleanor Eleanor Honeywell   03/24/2011
Photo of Thran, John John Thran   03/22/2011
Photo of Bradenbaugh, Eva Eva Bradenbaugh   03/15/2011
Photo of Orner, Carrie Carrie Orner   03/10/2011
Photo of Laird, Rene` Rene` Laird   03/09/2011
Photo of Weber, Judy Judy Weber   03/07/2011
Photo of Wentz, Sharon Sharon Wentz   03/02/2011
Photo of Nell, Romaine Romaine Nell   02/28/2011
Wilbur Bucher   02/28/2011
Photo of Flowers, Martha Martha Flowers   02/27/2011
Photo of Rodgers, Shirley Shirley Rodgers   02/25/2011
Photo of Hockenberry, Eugene Eugene Hockenberry   02/25/2011
Photo of Rose, Thomas Thomas Rose   02/20/2011
Clyde Kimmel, Jr.   02/20/2011
Photo of Baker, Lucy Lucy Baker   02/19/2011
Photo of Woodcraft, Bernard Bernard Woodcraft   02/17/2011
Photo of Piscotty, Robert Robert Piscotty   02/16/2011
Photo of Shellenberger, Dorothy Dorothy Shellenberger   02/15/2011
Photo of Clauser, Irma Irma Clauser   02/15/2011
Photo of Navagato, Susie Susie Navagato   02/09/2011
Photo of Karns, Ethel Ethel Karns   01/27/2011
Photo of Hunnicutt, Jr., James James Hunnicutt, Jr.   01/20/2011
Photo of Gardner, Jennie Jennie Gardner   01/19/2011
Photo of Landis, Ruth Ruth Landis   01/11/2011
Photo of Soulliard, Anna Anna Soulliard   01/11/2011
Photo of Lambert, Nancy Nancy Lambert   01/08/2011
Photo of Gutshall, Zachary Zachary Gutshall   01/08/2011
Photo of Eichelberger, Lawrence Lawrence Eichelberger   01/05/2011
Photo of Kitner, Elsie Elsie Kitner   01/03/2011
Joyce Burwell   12/30/2010
Photo of Myers, Mary Mary Myers   12/30/2010
Photo of Johns, Rosemary Rosemary Johns   12/29/2010
Photo of Fishel, Robert Robert Fishel   12/29/2010
Photo of Pechart, Joseph Joseph Pechart   12/27/2010
Photo of Shoffner, Ernest Ernest Shoffner   12/24/2010
Photo of Gochenauer, David David Gochenauer   12/19/2010
Photo of Kaltreider, Bertha Bertha Kaltreider   12/19/2010
Photo of Atkins, Gary Gary Atkins   12/12/2010
Photo of Hoff, Lovina Lovina Hoff   12/12/2010
Photo of Cook, W. Eugene W. Eugene Cook   12/09/2010
Photo of Linsenbach, Steven Steven Linsenbach   12/03/2010
Photo of Spurrier, Irene Irene Spurrier   11/23/2010
Photo of Danner, Kathleen Kathleen Danner   11/21/2010
Photo of Feister, Violet Violet Feister   11/20/2010
Photo of Tibbens, Frances Frances Tibbens   11/19/2010
Photo of Harvey, Janet Janet Harvey   11/19/2010
Photo of Wonders, Dean Dean Wonders   11/18/2010
Photo of Stewart, Karen Karen Stewart   11/18/2010
Photo of Henwood, Carl Carl Henwood   11/18/2010
Photo of Singer, Edward Edward Singer   11/17/2010
Photo of Scott, William William Scott   11/15/2010
Photo of Dellinger, Melvin Melvin Dellinger   11/14/2010
Photo of Albert, Ruth Ruth Albert   11/14/2010
Photo of Essick, Donna Donna Essick   11/13/2010
Photo of Arndt, Nora Nora Arndt   11/04/2010
Photo of Campbell, Glenn Glenn Campbell   11/04/2010
Ruth Knaub   11/03/2010
Photo of May, Georgeanna Georgeanna May   10/27/2010
James Cook   10/18/2010
Photo of Sampson, Joshua Joshua Sampson   10/17/2010
Photo of Orner, Melissa Melissa Orner   10/16/2010
Photo of Lecrone, Ray Ray Lecrone   10/10/2010
Photo of Lehmer, Geraldine Geraldine Lehmer   10/03/2010
Shelva Bonn   10/02/2010
Helen Veronikis   10/01/2010
Photo of Prosser, Alberta Alberta Prosser   09/26/2010
Photo of Gochenour, Beverly Beverly Gochenour   09/19/2010
Photo of Wack, Joan Joan Wack   09/07/2010
Photo of Miceli, Jessie Jessie Miceli   09/06/2010
Photo of Myers, Morgan Morgan Myers   09/06/2010
Photo of Smith, Nellie Nellie Smith   09/05/2010
Photo of Morris, Esther Esther Morris   09/03/2010
Photo of McCurdy, Sharon Sharon McCurdy   09/02/2010
Photo of Engle, John John Engle   08/31/2010
Isabelle Murray   08/31/2010
Photo of Summers, Helen Helen Summers   08/31/2010
Photo of Shughart, Mernia Mernia Shughart   08/29/2010
Photo of Kelly, Joseph Joseph Kelly   08/29/2010
Photo of Gerber, Donald Donald Gerber   08/26/2010
Photo of Trump, Charlotte Charlotte Trump   08/25/2010
Photo of Eckert, Ruthanna Ruthanna Eckert   08/17/2010
Nancy Lau   08/16/2010
Photo of Tietsworth, Gerald Gerald Tietsworth   08/15/2010
Photo of Henry, P. Richard P. Richard Henry   08/12/2010
Photo of McCauslin, Betty Betty McCauslin   08/10/2010
Photo of Pope, Jr., Melvin Melvin Pope, Jr.   08/05/2010
Photo of Adams, Dorothy Dorothy Adams   08/05/2010
Helen Sellers   08/01/2010
Photo of Sipe, Anna Anna Sipe   07/22/2010
Photo of Bushey, George George Bushey   07/22/2010
Photo of Vanderberg, Marjorie Marjorie Vanderberg   07/20/2010
Photo of Baddorf, Frederick Frederick Baddorf   07/11/2010
Photo of Lady, Grace Grace Lady   07/09/2010
Photo of Nesbit, Eric Eric Nesbit   07/03/2010
John Martin   07/02/2010
Photo of Brown, Walter Walter Brown   07/01/2010
Photo of Hoover, Paul Paul Hoover   06/30/2010
Photo of Griest, June June Griest   06/25/2010
Photo of Bowers, Glenn Glenn Bowers   06/25/2010
Photo of Campbell, Jon Jon Campbell   06/20/2010
Photo of Dotson, Effie Effie Dotson   06/12/2010
Photo of Danner, Mary Mary Danner   05/29/2010
Photo of Cocklin, J. J. Cocklin   05/24/2010
Photo of Strayer, S. Leon S. Leon Strayer   05/21/2010
Photo of Wenger, Gerald Gerald Wenger   05/14/2010
Photo of Grosser, Jr., Charles Charles Grosser, Jr.   05/14/2010
Photo of Kemper, Donald Donald Kemper   05/13/2010
Photo of Turner, William William Turner   05/12/2010
Photo of Haar, George George Haar   05/08/2010
Photo of Klinedinst, Ruth Ruth Klinedinst   05/08/2010
Dorothy Herrick   05/08/2010
Photo of Gerber, Lester Lester Gerber   05/06/2010
Photo of Smith, Robert Robert Smith   05/04/2010
Photo of Fortney, Mary Mary Fortney   05/04/2010
Photo of Zeigler-Hull, Hazel Hazel Zeigler-Hull   04/30/2010
Photo of Elicker, Patricia Patricia Elicker   04/27/2010
Photo of Rinta, Gertrude Gertrude Rinta   04/25/2010
Photo of Winter, Clarence Clarence Winter   04/24/2010
Alice Sheaffer   04/20/2010
Photo of Moyer, Darwin Darwin Moyer   04/19/2010
Photo of Hoffman, Marilyn Marilyn Hoffman   04/16/2010
Photo of Leer, Jean Jean Leer   04/14/2010
Photo of Fetrow, Carl Carl Fetrow   04/14/2010
Photo of Fanus, Donald Donald Fanus   04/12/2010
Photo of Coulson, Jean Jean Coulson   04/09/2010
Photo of Bernard, John John Bernard   04/08/2010
Photo of Napier, Edward Edward Napier   04/07/2010
Photo of Nell, Sue Sue Nell   04/04/2010
Photo of Walter, Sally Sally Walter   04/04/2010
Photo of Bytof, Walter Walter Bytof   04/04/2010
Photo of Frankenfield, Janet Janet Frankenfield   03/31/2010
Photo of Myers, Evelyn Evelyn Myers   03/30/2010
Photo of Hale, George George Hale   03/30/2010
Photo of Gerber, Mary Mary Gerber   03/28/2010
Photo of Mellott, Carl Carl Mellott   03/27/2010
Photo of Sampson, Linda Linda Sampson   03/21/2010
Photo of Rill, Andrew Andrew Rill   03/20/2010
Photo of Seville, The Rev. Mabel The Rev. Mabel Seville   03/18/2010
Thomas Boderck   03/16/2010
Marilyn Barlow   03/15/2010
Stuart Knaub   03/14/2010
Photo of Byers, Laban Laban Byers   03/14/2010
Photo of Berkheimer, Walter Walter Berkheimer   03/14/2010
Photo of Martin, Robert Robert Martin   03/13/2010
Photo of Neidig, Shirley Shirley Neidig   03/10/2010
Photo of Chidester, James James Chidester   03/08/2010
Photo of Weigard, Ruth Ruth Weigard   03/07/2010
Photo of King, Steven Steven King   03/05/2010
Photo of Rinehart, John John Rinehart   03/04/2010
Photo of Gerber, Robert Robert Gerber   03/03/2010
Photo of Kniss, Jr., Russell Russell Kniss, Jr.   02/26/2010
Photo of Burtt, James James Burtt   02/21/2010
Photo of Dentler, Alva Alva Dentler   02/19/2010
Photo of Otstot, Edward Edward Otstot   02/18/2010
Gregory Sheaffer   02/17/2010
Photo of Strayer, Merle Merle Strayer   02/15/2010
Photo of Karns, Geralyn Geralyn Karns   02/15/2010
Photo of Walters, Cora Cora Walters   02/12/2010
Photo of Bentz, Lawrence Lawrence Bentz   02/09/2010
Ruth Rishel   02/04/2010
Photo of Strahosky, Corey Corey Strahosky   01/31/2010
Photo of Stem, Florence Florence Stem   01/31/2010
Photo of Shaffer Spangler, Dorothy Dorothy Shaffer Spangler   01/27/2010
Photo of Kylor, Pastor Jack Pastor Jack Kylor   01/23/2010
J. Robert Gibney   01/20/2010
Annamae Sebright   01/18/2010
Photo of Kylor, Dorothy Dorothy Kylor   01/15/2010
Photo of Williams, John John Williams   01/14/2010
Photo of Musser, Brook Brook Musser   01/12/2010
Photo of Ruelius, Mark Mark Ruelius   01/07/2010
Photo of Klugh, William William Klugh   01/06/2010
Photo of Kimmel, Freeda Freeda Kimmel   01/05/2010
Photo of Dutery, Ruth Ruth Dutery   01/03/2010
Photo of Bell, Ira Ira Bell   01/02/2010
Photo of Felix, John John Felix   01/02/2010
Photo of Baptisti, Ruth Ruth Baptisti   12/28/2009
Photo of Baker, Fairie Fairie Baker   12/25/2009
Photo of Decker, Rodney Rodney Decker   12/24/2009
Photo of Detter, Frank Frank Detter   12/20/2009
Photo of McClair, Vivian Vivian McClair   12/19/2009
Photo of Freeland, Jr., Percy Percy Freeland, Jr.   12/19/2009
Photo of Donson, Eugene Eugene Donson   12/17/2009
Photo of Lee, Jacqueline Jacqueline Lee   12/15/2009
Photo of Huff, Lucille Lucille Huff   12/14/2009
Photo of Holladay, Robin Robin Holladay   12/14/2009
Harry Schork   12/11/2009
Photo of Kable, Ronald Ronald Kable   12/10/2009
Photo of Nell Hawbaker, Ermadell Ermadell Nell Hawbaker   11/30/2009
Photo of Anderson, Kermit Kermit Anderson   11/28/2009
Walter Meuse, III   11/25/2009
Kathleen Shellenberger   11/23/2009
Photo of Coulson, Helen Helen Coulson   11/22/2009
Photo of Beamer, Patricia Patricia Beamer   11/17/2009
Photo of Staley, Maretia Maretia Staley   11/14/2009
Photo of Cline, Jack Jack Cline   11/12/2009
James Shatto   11/11/2009
Glenna Kitner   11/09/2009
Photo of Brown, William William Brown   11/05/2009
Photo of Hartsock, Dewey Dewey Hartsock   10/29/2009
Photo of Hickman, Bertha Bertha Hickman   10/26/2009
Photo of Brytz, Sara Sara Brytz   10/17/2009
Photo of Yacisin, Ronald Ronald Yacisin   10/15/2009
Photo of Himes, Sr., Donald Donald Himes, Sr.   10/14/2009
Photo of Bressler, Ronald Ronald Bressler   10/12/2009
Photo of Danner, Edward Edward Danner   10/10/2009
Photo of Gochenauer, Robert Robert Gochenauer   10/08/2009
Photo of Eck, Hazel Hazel Eck   10/05/2009
Photo of Nell, Charles Charles Nell   09/29/2009
Photo of Stitzel, Arlene Arlene Stitzel   09/25/2009
Photo of Wallace, Pauline Pauline Wallace   09/24/2009
Photo of Byers, Clair Clair Byers   09/22/2009
Photo of Fortney, Kenneth Kenneth Fortney   09/21/2009
Photo of Hockenberry, Loretta Loretta Hockenberry   09/20/2009
Photo of Lehman, Jeanne Jeanne Lehman   09/17/2009
Photo of Yohn, Earl Earl Yohn   09/08/2009
Photo of St Clair, Anna Anna St Clair   09/04/2009
Photo of Crall, Genevieve Genevieve Crall   08/30/2009
Photo of Myers, Ray Ray Myers   08/27/2009
Photo of Rode, Betty Betty Rode   08/24/2009
Photo of Shatzer, Margaret Margaret Shatzer   08/18/2009
Samuel Yohn, Jr.   08/17/2009
Photo of Thuma, Dr. Alvan Dr. Alvan Thuma   08/12/2009
Photo of Kennedy, Rodney Rodney Kennedy   08/11/2009
Robin Comp   08/09/2009
Photo of Myers, Dorothy Dorothy Myers   08/09/2009
Photo of Massey, Dianne Dianne Massey   07/14/2009
Photo of Rutherford, Tracy Tracy Rutherford   07/12/2009
Photo of Dubord, Rosella Rosella Dubord   07/07/2009
Photo of Albert, Linda Linda Albert   06/29/2009
Photo of Gutshall, Leona Leona Gutshall   06/27/2009
Photo of Bernard, Hilda Hilda Bernard   06/26/2009
Photo of Trostle, Richard Richard Trostle   06/19/2009
Photo of Bowser, Mary Jane Mary Jane Bowser   06/18/2009
Photo of Crist, Pauline Pauline Crist   06/16/2009
Photo of Heer, Archie Archie Heer   06/15/2009
Photo of Myers, Dorothy Dorothy Myers   06/14/2009
Photo of Smith, Elizabeth Elizabeth Smith   06/10/2009
Photo of Haskins, Alexandar Alexandar Haskins   06/07/2009
Photo of Ellinger, Gladys Gladys Ellinger   06/05/2009
Photo of Bentz, M. Rosalie M. Rosalie Bentz   05/30/2009
Photo of Sgrignoli, Dorothy Dorothy Sgrignoli   05/26/2009
Photo of De Ford, Richard Richard De Ford   05/26/2009
Photo of Warehime, Esther Esther Warehime   05/26/2009
Photo of Yohn, Jean Jean Yohn   05/22/2009
Photo of Bullard, Max Max Bullard   05/15/2009
Photo of Hess, Kay Kay Hess   05/13/2009
Photo of Flower, Sonia Sonia Flower   05/07/2009
Photo of Nigro, Sharon Sharon Nigro   05/04/2009
Richard Myers   04/22/2009
Photo of Harbold, Carl Carl Harbold   04/17/2009
Photo of Harkins, Heidi Heidi Harkins   04/17/2009
Photo of Weigard, Harold Harold Weigard   04/16/2009
Photo of Gerber, Lawrence Lawrence Gerber   04/13/2009
Photo of Blettner, Esther Esther Blettner   04/10/2009
Photo of Rupp, Randy Randy Rupp   04/10/2009
Photo of Kline, Romaine Romaine Kline   04/05/2009
Gary Marks   04/05/2009
Photo of Diller, Sr., Wilbur Wilbur Diller, Sr.   04/03/2009
Photo of Keiser, David David Keiser   04/02/2009
Photo of McGuire, Irene Irene McGuire   03/30/2009
Photo of Burns, Merriam Merriam Burns   03/29/2009
Photo of Flack, Doris Doris Flack   03/27/2009
Photo of King, Clyde Clyde King   03/26/2009
Florence Davis   03/25/2009
Leslie Carr   03/25/2009
Ruth Smith   03/24/2009
Photo of Ashby, Bryan Bryan Ashby   03/22/2009
Photo of Thomas, III, David David Thomas, III   03/22/2009
Photo of Fishel, Dorothy Dorothy Fishel   03/19/2009
Elaine Meadath   03/15/2009
Photo of Swenson, Donna Donna Swenson   03/12/2009
Photo of Wiley, Joan Joan Wiley   03/12/2009
Photo of Millary, Thomas Thomas Millary   03/07/2009
Photo of Millard, Erma Erma Millard   03/04/2009
Photo of Jahn, William William Jahn   03/01/2009
Photo of Keyzer, Marinus Marinus Keyzer   02/28/2009
Photo of Myers, Bradley Bradley Myers   02/26/2009
Photo of Clepper, Genevieve Genevieve Clepper   02/23/2009
Photo of Constantine, Dr. David Dr. David Constantine   02/22/2009
Photo of Hoffman, Dale Dale Hoffman   02/21/2009
Photo of Albert, Dorothy Dorothy Albert   02/20/2009
Photo of Cocklin, Miriam Miriam Cocklin   02/18/2009
Photo of Kurtz, Kenneth Kenneth Kurtz   02/18/2009
Photo of Rhoads, Jack Jack Rhoads   02/18/2009
Photo of Morris, John John Morris   02/17/2009
Photo of Fox, Sr., Harry Harry Fox, Sr.   02/17/2009
Photo of Stambaugh, Edward Edward Stambaugh   02/13/2009
Mae Arnold   02/13/2009
Photo of Hess, Grace Grace Hess   02/10/2009
Photo of Haar, Dorothy Dorothy Haar   02/07/2009
Photo of Myers, Earl Earl Myers   02/07/2009
Photo of Oberman, Elvie Elvie Oberman   02/05/2009
Photo of Hertach, Warren Warren Hertach   02/04/2009
John Mackey, Jr.   02/04/2009
Margaret Bistline   02/03/2009
Photo of Hill, Joanne Joanne Hill   02/02/2009
Photo of Zeigler, Miranda Miranda Zeigler   01/30/2009
Photo of Spang, Katherine Katherine Spang   01/30/2009
Photo of Cramer, Arlene Arlene Cramer   01/23/2009
Photo of Grigas, Minerva Minerva Grigas   01/22/2009
Photo of McGee, Lorraine Lorraine McGee   01/22/2009
Photo of Walter, John John Walter   01/16/2009
Photo of Knisely, Richard Richard Knisely   01/16/2009
Photo of Diller, AnnaMae AnnaMae Diller   01/13/2009
Photo of Musser, Ronald Ronald Musser   01/12/2009
Photo of Cardinale, Dorothy Dorothy Cardinale   01/01/2009
Photo of Leer, John John Leer   01/01/2009
Regina Oxenford   12/25/2008
Photo of Rossetto, James James Rossetto   12/22/2008
Photo of Brown, Janet Janet Brown   12/21/2008
Photo of Baish, Gladys Gladys Baish   12/19/2008
Photo of Miller, Anna Anna Miller   12/14/2008
Photo of Lahr, Edward Edward Lahr   12/14/2008
Photo of Sheaffer, Donald Donald Sheaffer   12/13/2008
Photo of Grove, Dale Dale Grove   12/13/2008
Photo of Geiling, Elmira Elmira Geiling   12/12/2008
Photo of Bowser, Sr., Harland Harland Bowser, Sr.   12/09/2008
Photo of Rearick, Mary Mary Rearick   12/09/2008
Photo of Waggoner, Mae Mae Waggoner   12/08/2008
Photo of Jones, Michael Michael Jones   12/03/2008
Photo of Kilgore, David David Kilgore   11/27/2008
Robert Hemmler   11/27/2008
Photo of Hoff, Dr. Charles Dr. Charles Hoff   11/25/2008
Photo of Slothower, Edward Edward Slothower   11/21/2008
Photo of Sealover, Marcella Marcella Sealover   11/17/2008
Leslie Blazey   11/13/2008
Photo of Jasonis, Marie Marie Jasonis   11/13/2008
Photo of Stewart Gasswint, Geraldine Geraldine Stewart Gasswint   11/12/2008
Photo of Smith, Dorothy Dorothy Smith   11/09/2008
Lia Ware   11/03/2008
Photo of Engle, Paul Paul Engle   10/31/2008
Photo of Sitko, Timothy Timothy Sitko   10/28/2008
Photo of Graves, Mira Mira Graves   10/28/2008
William Smith   10/22/2008
Photo of Williams, Neva Neva Williams   10/20/2008
Photo of Martin, Twila Twila Martin   10/19/2008
Photo of Hildabrand, Robert Robert Hildabrand   10/18/2008
Photo of Brenizer, Ruth Ruth Brenizer   10/12/2008
Karl Krow   10/12/2008
Photo of Puglia, Joseph Joseph Puglia   10/04/2008
Photo of Fries, Dorothy Dorothy Fries   10/02/2008
Maude Cocklin   10/01/2008
Photo of Musser, Faithe Faithe Musser   09/29/2008
F. Hensel   09/25/2008
Photo of Veronikis, Steve Steve Veronikis   09/23/2008
Keith Staub   09/22/2008
Photo of Kinsey, Daniel Daniel Kinsey   09/21/2008
Photo of Garrison, Jane Jane Garrison   09/20/2008
Photo of Higley, Bernice Bernice Higley   09/14/2008
Photo of Weigel, Leta Leta Weigel   09/10/2008
Photo of Vigil, Jennifer Jennifer Vigil   09/09/2008
Merl Myers   09/08/2008
John Creavey   09/07/2008
Florence Diven   09/07/2008
Photo of Carpenter, Joan Joan Carpenter   09/07/2008
Jacqueline Pryor   09/06/2008
Photo of Edson, Linton Linton Edson   09/05/2008
Photo of Preun, Theodore Theodore Preun   09/02/2008
Photo of Wonder, Pauline Pauline Wonder   08/30/2008
Bettye Martzall   08/23/2008
Photo of Lerew, Lloyd Lloyd Lerew   08/11/2008
Mary Crawford   08/05/2008
Patricia Eichelberger   07/31/2008
Photo of Yerdon, Beverly Beverly Yerdon   07/30/2008
George Deardorff   07/08/2008
Lewis Gerber   07/06/2008
Photo of Thumma, Claramae Claramae Thumma   07/05/2008
Photo of Beamer, Carl Carl Beamer   06/30/2008
Roy Conley   06/30/2008
Charlotte Weaver   06/29/2008
Lloyd Reynolds   06/27/2008
Photo of Sidle, Miriam Miriam Sidle   06/23/2008
Charles Burns, Sr.   06/21/2008
Photo of Wagner, Sr., Clark Clark Wagner, Sr.   06/20/2008
Photo of Baker, Evelyn Evelyn Baker   06/17/2008
Photo of Carroll, Raymond Raymond Carroll   06/17/2008
Photo of Mitchell Cook, Margaret Margaret Mitchell Cook   06/17/2008
Photo of Hess, Margaret Margaret Hess   06/15/2008
Photo of Kaylor, Alice Alice Kaylor   06/15/2008
Photo of Reasey, Ethel Ethel Reasey   06/12/2008
Byron Harr   06/08/2008
Photo of Gilbeau, Myrtle Myrtle Gilbeau   06/04/2008
Photo of Wech, Jr., William William Wech, Jr.   06/02/2008
Photo of Felix, Lois Lois Felix   05/31/2008
Chase Jones   05/24/2008
Photo of Getz, Joseph Joseph Getz   05/19/2008
Elma Burgard   05/16/2008
Leona Arnold   05/14/2008
Photo of Wallace, Ethel Ethel Wallace   05/14/2008
Photo of Walker, Rosella Rosella Walker   05/07/2008
Photo of Turby, Melanie Melanie Turby   05/05/2008
Boyd Otto   05/04/2008
Donald Mosher   05/03/2008
Halvard Alexander   04/28/2008
Photo of Sheaffer, Mervin Mervin Sheaffer   04/26/2008
Photo of Schrack, Rae Rae Schrack   04/23/2008
Paul Ruffin   04/21/2008
Photo of Bahl III, SSgt Robert SSgt Robert Bahl III   04/17/2008
Photo of Martin, Ruth Ruth Martin   04/15/2008
Photo of Hughes, Morgan Morgan Hughes   04/12/2008
Betty Wire   04/12/2008
Paul Walterick, Sr.   04/10/2008
Photo of Dietrich, Sandra Sandra Dietrich   04/08/2008
Photo of Miller, Dale Dale Miller   04/07/2008
Roy Wehler   04/02/2008
Gladys Fitting   04/01/2008
Evelyn Sterner   03/26/2008
Photo of Nelson, Nathan Nathan Nelson   03/26/2008
L. Frances Gray   03/23/2008
David Howe   03/21/2008
Photo of Frey, S. Karin S. Karin Frey   03/20/2008
Photo of DeNicola, The Reverend John The Reverend John DeNicola   03/09/2008
Photo of Harbold, Drema Drema Harbold   03/06/2008
Photo of Gawronski, Winnona Pearl Winnona Pearl Gawronski   03/04/2008
Photo of Busch, Jack Jack Busch   02/29/2008
John Fowl, Sr.   02/28/2008
Photo of Myers, Sr., Dale Dale Myers, Sr.   02/25/2008
Hazel Hinkle   02/21/2008
Photo of Stagg, Carol Carol Stagg   02/21/2008
Photo of Kennedy, Sr., Glenn Glenn Kennedy, Sr.   02/20/2008
Helen Gulick   02/20/2008
Photo of Holzworth, Richard Richard Holzworth   02/15/2008
Photo of Gettys, Reba Reba Gettys   02/14/2008
Photo of Eurich, Violet Violet Eurich   02/14/2008
Photo of Spotts, Wilma Wilma Spotts   02/12/2008
Photo of Troy, Sr., John John Troy, Sr.   02/11/2008
Photo of Bechtel, Ruth Ruth Bechtel   02/11/2008
Richard Bentz   02/10/2008
Photo of Weber, Patricia Patricia Weber   02/05/2008
Photo of Mummert, Anna Anna Mummert   02/05/2008
Photo of Cocklin, Mary Mary Cocklin   01/31/2008
Photo of Page, Jean Jean Page   01/30/2008
William Cadwallader   01/29/2008
Lewis Klinedinst   01/26/2008
Photo of Backenstoss, William William Backenstoss   01/20/2008
Photo of Barner, LeRoy LeRoy Barner   01/17/2008
Emma Gayman   01/11/2008
Photo of Rinehart, Margaret Margaret Rinehart   01/09/2008
Photo of Gardner, Sr., Richard Richard Gardner, Sr.   01/07/2008
Photo of Eiker, Sgt. William Sgt. William Eiker   01/07/2008
Photo of Govora, Ardamay Ardamay Govora   01/06/2008
Photo of Baba, Jack Jack Baba   12/30/2007
Mark Motich   12/30/2007
Phyllis Sherrick   12/28/2007
Photo of Hoopert, Charles Charles Hoopert   12/28/2007
Photo of Croman, Stanley Stanley Croman   12/27/2007
Gerasimos Veronikis   12/25/2007
Photo of Wagner, R. Elinor R. Elinor Wagner   12/19/2007
Photo of Sheaffer, Mary Mary Sheaffer   12/17/2007
Photo of Detter, Richard Richard Detter   12/17/2007
Photo of Robson, Margaret Margaret Robson   12/16/2007
Photo of Kimmel, Eugene Eugene Kimmel   12/16/2007
Harold Davis   12/13/2007
Photo of Klugh, Earl Earl Klugh   12/10/2007
Photo of Sheffer, Dennis Dennis Sheffer   12/10/2007
Dale Fausey   12/10/2007
Photo of Grassmyer, Michael Michael Grassmyer   12/02/2007
Photo of Speck, Celia Celia Speck   11/30/2007
Photo of Zandy, Leonard Leonard Zandy   11/23/2007
Beverly Fetrow   11/19/2007
Anna Grissinger   11/17/2007
Rev. John Beamer   11/16/2007
Photo of Spahr, Beatrice Beatrice Spahr   11/13/2007
Photo of Murray, Charles Charles Murray   11/12/2007
Eugene Lehmer   11/06/2007
Photo of Brytz, C. Edward C. Edward Brytz   11/05/2007
Photo of Miller, David David Miller   10/31/2007
Photo of Deibler, Stanley Stanley Deibler   10/30/2007
Photo of Nell, Charles Charles Nell   10/29/2007
Photo of Pryor, Ava Ava Pryor   10/28/2007
Photo of Risser, Patricia Patricia Risser   10/28/2007
Photo of Walter, Alice Alice Walter   10/27/2007
Photo of Mantz, Caiden Caiden Mantz   10/27/2007
Photo of McDonald, Michele Michele McDonald   10/27/2007
Millo Hockenberry   10/25/2007
Photo of Himes, Walter Walter Himes   10/13/2007
J. Arthur Gensler   10/12/2007
Photo of Witmer, Virginia Virginia Witmer   10/12/2007
Photo of Hughes, Margaret Margaret Hughes   10/11/2007
Photo of Williams, Betty Betty Williams   10/07/2007
Photo of Flohr, Ethel Ethel Flohr   09/30/2007
Photo of Gerber, David David Gerber   09/30/2007
Photo of Bishop, Fay Fay Bishop   09/25/2007
Jay Frederick, Sr.   09/23/2007
Photo of Haserick, Gene Gene Haserick   09/21/2007
Lola Hvezdos   09/12/2007
Photo of Harbold, Patricia Patricia Harbold   09/03/2007
Photo of Cooke, Helen Helen Cooke   09/01/2007
Paul King, Jr.   08/29/2007
Photo of Kemble, Nancy Nancy Kemble   08/27/2007
Wilmot Boyer   08/27/2007
Mae Pyper   08/26/2007
Photo of Miller, Kyla Kyla Miller   08/25/2007
Inez Knaub   08/24/2007
Gerald Harbold   08/21/2007
Photo of Kuykendall, Beverly Beverly Kuykendall   08/21/2007
Helen McGill   08/16/2007
Mary Johnson   08/15/2007
Photo of Lucas, Clyde Clyde Lucas   08/08/2007
Mary Starner   08/07/2007
Harry Montanye   07/26/2007
Photo of Rinehart, Virginia Virginia Rinehart   07/25/2007
Photo of Stephens, Jr., James James Stephens, Jr.   07/20/2007
Henry Hostetter   07/15/2007
Helen Mohler   07/09/2007
Barry Runk   06/26/2007
Photo of Myers, Thomas Thomas Myers   06/24/2007
John Lewis   06/18/2007
Photo of Day, E. Grace E. Grace Day   06/16/2007
Photo of Fortney, Guy Guy Fortney   06/14/2007
Photo of Dutrey, Arlene Arlene Dutrey   06/13/2007
Elenor Stein   06/08/2007
Paul Harbold   06/08/2007
Photo of Gladfelter, Jean Jean Gladfelter   06/05/2007
Photo of Davis, Karen Karen Davis   05/31/2007
Photo of Shank, Larry Larry Shank   05/22/2007
Photo of Jordan, Ruth Ruth Jordan   05/21/2007
Photo of Heffner, Walter Walter Heffner   05/16/2007
Lloyd Zinn   05/10/2007
Photo of McClain, Jr., John John McClain, Jr.   05/07/2007
Photo of Renard, Herbert Herbert Renard   05/05/2007
Earl Robson   05/02/2007
Carrie Brough   04/30/2007
Photo of Goodling, Dorothy Dorothy Goodling   04/23/2007
Photo of Urich Lloyd, Jean Jean Urich Lloyd   04/23/2007
Photo of Carr, Pamela Pamela Carr   04/21/2007
Photo of Coulson, Stanley Stanley Coulson   04/19/2007
Photo of Smith, Bonnie Bonnie Smith   04/12/2007
Photo of Howard, Amy Amy Howard   04/08/2007
Photo of Howard, Jr., John John Howard, Jr.   04/08/2007
Photo of Jones, Christopher Christopher Jones   04/08/2007
Photo of Harbold, Marie Marie Harbold   03/24/2007
Photo of Bricker, John John Bricker   03/23/2007
Verdella Brough   03/17/2007
Photo of Hazzard, Marjorie Marjorie Hazzard   03/15/2007
George Sheaffer, Jr.   03/15/2007
Photo of Myrick, Austin Austin Myrick   03/13/2007
Photo of Shettel, Maurice Maurice Shettel   03/12/2007
Photo of Nichols, James James Nichols   03/06/2007
Photo of McCauslin, Geraldine Geraldine McCauslin   03/04/2007
Photo of Fink, Patsy Patsy Fink   02/28/2007
Harry Greenfield   02/26/2007
Kenneth Buffington   02/26/2007
Photo of King, Ernest Ernest King   02/22/2007
Photo of Lauver, Leo Leo Lauver   02/20/2007
Photo of Fuss Church, Helen Helen Fuss Church   02/15/2007
Photo of Ashenfelder, II, Robert Robert Ashenfelder, II   02/13/2007
Photo of Albert, Yvonne Yvonne Albert   02/13/2007
Photo of Orner, Robert Robert Orner   02/09/2007
Photo of Albert, Sr., David David Albert, Sr.   02/09/2007
Betty Kurtz   02/07/2007
Emma Pipp   01/27/2007
Photo of Arnold, Helen Helen Arnold   01/26/2007
Richard Arnold   01/24/2007
Frank Di Prima, Sr.   01/24/2007
Photo of Hoffman, Janet Janet Hoffman   01/19/2007
Photo of Kimmel, Arthur Arthur Kimmel   01/19/2007
Richard Grove, Sr.   01/19/2007
Photo of Gutshall, Nancy Nancy Gutshall   01/18/2007
Photo of Liples, Pauline Pauline Liples   01/16/2007
Photo of Gouse, Arlene Arlene Gouse   01/12/2007
Lenora Fausey   01/12/2007
Photo of Torio, Michael Michael Torio   01/11/2007
Mildred Strock   01/07/2007
Thomas Abel   01/05/2007
Photo of Baxter, Samuel Samuel Baxter   01/03/2007
Elmer Barndt   01/01/2007
Photo of Myers, Anna Anna Myers   12/30/2006
Photo of Becker, Debra Debra Becker   12/29/2006
Freda Smith   12/27/2006
Photo of Ford, Gerald Gerald Ford   12/26/2006
Joel Graham   12/24/2006
Photo of Fest, Dorothy Dorothy Fest   12/22/2006
Photo of Millard, Paul Paul Millard   12/18/2006
Photo of Zasadni, Henry Henry Zasadni   12/18/2006
Paul Miller   12/16/2006
Photo of Geiger, Thelma Thelma Geiger   12/06/2006
Photo of Lehr, F. Pauline F. Pauline Lehr   12/03/2006
Photo of May, Blaine Blaine May   12/01/2006
Photo of Deardorff, Richard Richard Deardorff   11/29/2006
Photo of Lory, Marlyn Marlyn Lory   11/25/2006
Ralph Ward   11/24/2006
Isabel Gunther-Harbold   11/22/2006
E. Regina Slothower   11/02/2006
Marilyn McClellan   10/29/2006
Photo of Yost, Keith Keith Yost   10/23/2006
Photo of Piccini, Arthur Arthur Piccini   10/21/2006
Photo of Hager, R. Lamar R. Lamar Hager   10/19/2006
Photo of Barr, W. Ronald W. Ronald Barr   10/18/2006
Photo of Rider, Wilma Wilma Rider   10/18/2006
Photo of Glenn, Sr., Charles Charles Glenn, Sr.   10/13/2006
Photo of Knisely, Paul Paul Knisely   10/11/2006
Terryanne Grace   10/09/2006
Photo of Pifer, Patricia Patricia Pifer   10/08/2006
Photo of Clawser, Hilda Hilda Clawser   10/06/2006
Photo of Krishingner, LuRena LuRena Krishingner   10/02/2006
Photo of Prosser, Mary Mary Prosser   09/30/2006
Photo of Hershey, Virginia Virginia Hershey   09/28/2006
Photo of Bretz, Nancy Nancy Bretz   09/24/2006
Elsie Steward   09/14/2006
Mary Guise   09/07/2006
Mary Parker   09/06/2006
Marling Pletcher   09/03/2006
Miriam Byers   09/01/2006
Hattie Heller   08/26/2006
Photo of Gruver, Larry Larry Gruver   08/24/2006
Donna Miller   08/23/2006
H. Evelyn McGuire   08/16/2006
Photo of Myers, Donald Donald Myers   08/15/2006
Photo of Flohr, Mabel Mabel Flohr   08/13/2006
Ronald Desenberg   08/12/2006
Mary Steimling   08/10/2006
Photo of Rodgers, Catherine Catherine Rodgers   08/09/2006
Photo of Smith, Robert Robert Smith   08/08/2006
Photo of Green, Michael Michael Green   08/07/2006
Ruth Ziegler   08/06/2006
Photo of Congleton, Fannie Fannie Congleton   08/06/2006
Photo of Fettro, Cora Cora Fettro   08/05/2006
Alice Slothower   08/02/2006
Photo of Altland, James James Altland   08/01/2006
Brenda Horn   07/30/2006
Patricia Pierce   07/19/2006
Pauline Morelock   07/17/2006
Photo of Hancock, Jr., Charles Charles Hancock, Jr.   07/15/2006
Donald Hart   07/09/2006
Photo of Smith, Sylvia Sylvia Smith   06/30/2006
Miriam Liddick   06/29/2006
Edwin Stoner   06/27/2006
Sara Hollabaugh   06/26/2006
Photo of Mizrahi, Samuel Samuel Mizrahi   06/25/2006
Photo of Nesbit, Zula Zula Nesbit   06/22/2006
Photo of Leatherman, Richard Richard Leatherman   06/11/2006
Photo of Hipp, Jean Jean Hipp   06/09/2006
Photo of Benner, Sr., Daniel Daniel Benner, Sr.   06/04/2006
Photo of Laughman, Lorne Lorne Laughman   06/04/2006
Shirley Miller   06/01/2006
Photo of Hoffman, Clair Clair Hoffman   06/01/2006
Robert Campbell   05/28/2006
Photo of Speck, Joanne Joanne Speck   05/26/2006
Photo of Cassatt, II, Thomas Thomas Cassatt, II   05/25/2006
Photo of Paup, Betty Betty Paup   05/24/2006
Photo of Ginter, Sr., Robert Robert Ginter, Sr.   05/19/2006
Photo of Townsend,  Sylvia Sylvia Townsend   05/12/2006
Helen Fusselman   05/11/2006
Rev. Daniel Wehler   05/08/2006
Photo of Diener, Roberta Roberta Diener   05/01/2006
Photo of March, David David March   04/29/2006
Photo of Books, Cleo Cleo Books   04/21/2006
Photo of Pressel, Jr., Paul Paul Pressel, Jr.   04/17/2006
Photo of Troy, Maurine Maurine Troy   04/15/2006
Photo of Sheffer, Edith Edith Sheffer   04/10/2006
Photo of Harbold, David David Harbold   04/10/2006
Photo of Bell, Sr., Joseph Joseph Bell, Sr.   04/10/2006
Photo of Zeigler, Goldie Goldie Zeigler   04/01/2006
Photo of Runkle, Larry Larry Runkle   03/24/2006
Astrid Hertweck   03/24/2006
Photo of Hickman, Robert Robert Hickman   03/21/2006
Photo of Harr, Roma Roma Harr   03/19/2006
Photo of Kimmel, Dorris Dorris Kimmel   03/18/2006
Photo of Hechler, Tedd Tedd Hechler   03/16/2006
Photo of Garner, Oletha Oletha Garner   03/14/2006
Pauline Hennigh   03/12/2006
Margaret Smith   03/11/2006
Photo of Glisson, Destney Destney Glisson   03/09/2006
John Hess   03/07/2006
Robert Arnold   03/05/2006
Photo of Emlet, Stanley Stanley Emlet   02/27/2006
Sylvan Speck   02/17/2006
Photo of Allen, Seneca Seneca Allen   02/06/2006
Photo of Evans, Rosella Rosella Evans   02/05/2006
Geraldine Boyd   02/04/2006
Photo of Nell, Mabel Mabel Nell   02/02/2006
Photo of Shelly, Norman Norman Shelly   01/24/2006
Photo of Van Winkle, Gene Gene Van Winkle   01/22/2006
Robert Smith   01/21/2006
L. Stanley Donaldson   01/14/2006
Photo of Leaman, Jr., John John Leaman, Jr.   01/14/2006
Photo of Smith, Betty Betty Smith   01/13/2006
Photo of Engle, Mary Mary Engle   01/11/2006
Photo of Wehler, Joan Joan Wehler   01/10/2006
Photo of Prosser, Raymond Raymond Prosser   01/07/2006
Photo of Fink, Roger Roger Fink   01/03/2006
Photo of Greason, Dorothy Dorothy Greason   12/30/2005
Photo of Garner, Marvin Marvin Garner   12/22/2005
Photo of Nelson, Pearl Pearl Nelson   12/22/2005
Photo of Heilman, Denise Denise Heilman   12/18/2005
Photo of Shipman, Shirley Shirley Shipman   12/12/2005
Dorothea McWilliams   12/05/2005
Photo of Ryan, Jay Jay Ryan   12/04/2005
Charles Chronister, III   11/19/2005
Photo of Hill, Robert Robert Hill   11/13/2005
Monroe Crider   11/09/2005
Photo of Evans, Kenneth Kenneth Evans   11/08/2005
Robert Beamer   11/05/2005
Photo of Bailor, Jr., Michael Michael Bailor, Jr.   11/01/2005
Reid McCauslin   10/31/2005
Michael Cotton   10/30/2005
Photo of Lighty, Terry Terry Lighty   10/29/2005
Kenneth Knaub   10/26/2005
Photo of Waggoner, Mary Mary Waggoner   10/24/2005
Photo of Moose, Sarah Sarah Moose   10/21/2005
Loretta Martin   10/15/2005
Mary Hess   10/13/2005
Photo of Knisely, F. Arlene F. Arlene Knisely   10/12/2005
Ethel Myers   10/08/2005
Photo of Hess, Shirley Shirley Hess   10/07/2005
Photo of Davies, Sr., Scott Scott Davies, Sr.   10/05/2005
James Cocklin   10/04/2005
Ellen Dentler   09/29/2005
Photo of Gill Fox, Birdie Birdie Gill Fox   09/22/2005
Photo of Shelly, Eugene Eugene Shelly   09/17/2005
John Arnold   09/15/2005
Photo of Bitner, Ruth Ruth Bitner   09/12/2005
Catherine Wiley   09/12/2005
Richard Synder   09/05/2005
Curvin Klugh, Jr.   09/01/2005
Pearl Hockenberry   08/31/2005
Granville Adams   08/18/2005
John Payton   08/15/2005
Photo of Jasonis, Joseph Joseph Jasonis   08/11/2005
William Pitcher   08/10/2005
Photo of Lichtenfels, Lloyd Lloyd Lichtenfels